BAMA Officers

Gary Allen

+ President

The President shall preside at all membership and executive board meetings; shall enforce these by-laws; shall co-sign checks and contracts; shall vote only in the event of a tie; and shall be responsible for carrying out the decisions of the membership. Upon completion of term of office, he or she becomes an honorary non-voting member of the executive board with the title of Past President. A Past President serves as an honorary executive board member for one term.

Kirk Wilson

+ Vice-President

The Vice-President shall preside and perform all duties of the President in the absence of the President. The Vice-President may co-sign checks, in the absence of the President and must co-sign on all contracts. In the event of an absence or a vacation of an elected officer on the executive board, the VicePresident may assume the duties of this office on a temporary basis until the absent officer resumes their duties or until a new officer is appointed and confirmed by the executive board.

Gorkem Cakir

+ Treasurer

The Treasurer shall issue and sign all checks; oversee the collection of all dues and other moneys from any and all sources and issue a receipt; shall keep books of accounts on a cash basis according to double entry accounting methods and make a financial report at every club meeting; shall further make an annual financial report showing all income and disbursements. This report shall be written, and furthermore it shall be read at the January annual meeting.

Susan Bean

+ Membership Coordinator

The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining the membership role of the club: collect and transmit dues to the Treasurer; issue membership packets; shall report on the membership numbers at each general membership meeting; maintain membership statistics for the club and maintain a current email list for mailings to club members.

Paula Glen

+ Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes and records of the membership and executive board meetings; shall maintain a file of club minutes and records of past years; shall ensure the approved minutes are posted on the club’s website. At the last meeting of his or her term, shall turn over the minutes and records of the past year for the club files to the new Recording Secretary/President.

Steve Bean

+ Media Coordinator

The Media Coordinator is an appointed Executive Board position responsible for maintenance, update, relevance, and general coordination of the BAMA website to reflect the current interest and purpose of the club and shall input data from the board and members as appropriate; monitor the forum for any inappropriate activity and remove said activity; shall help compose and submit the monthly BAMA Newsletter for distribution to the membership.

Wendy Allen

+ Event Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating and monitoring member, board, and vendor or otherwise submitted events, insuring alignment with club purpose and vision, and adherence to BAMA policies.

Walt Lightfoot and Rollo Dowling

Event Committee Advisors