Afternoon Romp Near Napa

It started out cloudy and overcast, but it wasn't long before it turned into a beautiful sunny day.  Five Miatas got together in Napa to take a drive down the Silverado Trail. BAMA welcomed out newest members, June Reif and Robert Fisher and their 2003 Emerald Green NB.  Steve and Joyce Robinson lead us out onto our route where we passed several promising looking wineries that warrant a return trip for tasting.

The roads were not as crowded as we have seen in the past and we were able to keep the group together without too much trouble.  We made our first stop at a little mini mart were we all sought out for some cold refreshments.   

Our next stop was at the Monticello Dam, which was built in 1957.  After a much needed break, we gather together to determine our next point of direction.  It was recommended that we head back to NAPA for a late lunch.  At that point, June and Rob took the lead.  It wasn't long before we were at "Red Hen Cantina."  The food was awesome and the company was fantastic. Thank you to June and Rob for making the suggestion.

After lunch, we decided it was too hot continue, so we all parted our separate ways, yes, with the air conditioner at full blast.