Phil's Fish Market at Moss Landing and More

A gentle pastel sunrise coming up over the trees gave way to a perfect day for a BAMA group drive to Phil’s Fish Market at Moss Landing, Giant Artichoke in Castroville, Gizdich Ranch and Uvas Reservoir.

The Board Members met at Starbucks in Los Gatos and had a brief meeting about future drives and our upcoming 26th Anniversary Picnic at Huddart Park April 23rd.

At around 9:30 am the board meeting adjourned and we all gathered with the driver’s and passengers for the day.  There were 12 drivers with 10 passengers. Everyone signed in and after the driver’s meeting we met 4 new members of BAMA, Scott A., Gary A., Julie L., and RaeNell R. Everyone was very excited to begin, as the Moss Landing drive is one of the group’s favorites. Joy R. handed out maps and directions to our various stops. 

We had a beautiful drive, the air was crisp and onlookers were delighted to see our colorful Miatas driving down the roads. BAMA President, Steve R. did a good job of leading the troops and Mike A. (Treas.) did a good job of sweep for the drive with Steve B. in the middle. We were momentarily joined by a group of Ferraris quickly moving ahead waving and honking their greetings. 

We reached our destination, Phil’s Fish Market, after driving about 1.5 hours South using some highways and beautiful scenic back roads. The group feasted on tasty fresh seafood and enjoyed each other’s company in a rustic beachside setting. After our delicious meal some members walked to the rear of the restaurant and enjoyed watching the ocean waves and dogs romping on the beach.

The group headed out again towards Castroville to the Giant Artichoke filled with Castroville’s famous artichokes and other fresh veggies, etc. Our car trunks packed with purchases we headed towards another favorite location, Gizdich Ranch for some scrumptious pie. The pie did not disappoint and our car trunks were again packed with delightful whole pies to enjoy later. 

A few cars left the group at this point and the rest headed to Uvas Reservoir just west of Morgan Hill which actually had water this year.  Some more of the group left for home and others continued to New Almaden and Hicks Road into Los Gatos. The remaining drivers enjoyed the twisties through the narrow canyons. The finish was in Los Gatos for coffee and conversation, about Miatas of course. 

A great time was had by all and everyone was very excited to welcome our new members and happy we all had a great day together.