Annual Picnic with Friends and a Special Guest


Bay Area Miata Association (BAMA) gathered in Huddart Park in Woodside on Saturday April 28, 2018 to celebrate another successful year as a car enthusiast club. The weather was cool and the rain held off while we all enjoyed each other’s warm company and the delicious variety of picnic food brought to share. Many of us enjoyed second and third helpings. 

The picnic included a “Shine & Show” event. After enjoying our tasty meal and great conversation, the crowd moved towards the cars lined up in two rows in the parking lot. Owners were dusting off their Miatas and adding the final shine for our special guest, Tom Matano, who BAMA president, Mike A., described as the “Father of the Miata”.

Tom had the difficult task of judging which cars were the best of their class. Tom said the cars were all well cared for and maintained, he had some tough decisions to make. Before handing out the awards Tom delighted the crowd with stories about the early history of the Miata.

Red sports cars had adorned the covers of popular sports car magazines. Mazda wanted another standout color, along with red, for the original Miatas. Tom said that yellow was supposed to be one of those colors. However, it took some experimentation with primers, etc. to get the yellow they wanted. Tom had suggested “Mariner Blue” which was available 1990 through 1993. Sunburst Yellow was introduced in 1992. Scott A’s 2002 “Sunburst Yellow” was awarded the trophy for “Best NB”. 

Many thanks to Shirley, Joy & Wendy for planning a very successful picnic.

Several Miata owners got together after the picnic and decided to go on a drive to the beach. Gorkem lead the drive through Pescadero and down to Ben Lomand, driving on what seemed to be almost all of the twisty turny roads on the peninsula. We parted ways at Saratoga after an exhilarating drive. 

We’re all looking forward to next year’s picnic, which should probably include extra blankets and hand warmers.

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