Making Plans for Sunnier Days and Top Down Drives

The annual meeting was held on Sunday, January 8, 2017 at Oak Tree Mazda in San Jose. Due to a major storm with high winds and lots of rain in the area, only a few of us were able to make it this year. Unfortunately some of our members were also suffering with the flu and other ailments.

Even so, we had a lively meeting with discussion of exciting plans for 2017. A strong effort to increase membership outreach and improve communications is one of BAMA’s main goals for this coming year. 

New BAMA members Kirk and Ronda

On that note, we were pleased to welcome our newest member Kirk who joined us on Sunday and bravely drove his brand new ceramic metallic MX-5 RF to the meeting. 

Oak Tree Mazda had an RF model in the showroom a few of us got to check out.  We’ll have to come back on a sunny day to take it for a spin.

We really appreciate the hospitality at Oak Tree Mazda for providing a comfortable meeting space and a tasty lunch. 

Steve and Susan feeling comfy in this new ride