Christmas Luncheon & Poinsettia Drive

The Bay Area Miata Association members, almost 40, had a marvelous luncheon at the Livermore Campo di Bocce Restaurant on December 9, 2018. 


We feasted on delicious fresh salads, pasta dishes and to top it off a plate of wonderful desserts to include Tiramasu, New York Cheesecake, cannoli, flourless chocolate torte, etc. 


Many thanks to Rollo & Penny for the party favor snowflakes, and to Shirley for her creative peanut butter cup Christmas trees.  

Shirley directed the raffle, we had many happy winners of some really creative, generous prizes.

Special thanks to Penny who made two “Cars” blankets this year for the raffle. Thank you to Mike, Shirley, Laurette, Joy, and all who helped with this year’s delightful Christmas party. 

After the party, eight of us braved the Livermore fog and drove to Duarte’s Poinsettia Nursery. We all filled our Miata trunks, best we could, with lovely Poinsettias and cyclamens.  Thank you Mike for leading this drive.

Bama_ - 9.jpg

Happy Holidays!