Polar Bear Run

It's the First of January, so time to continue the "tradition" that was started last year... take the Miata's out for a top-down run to begin the year.

We met at woodside, there was quite a few polar bear's in attendance... then we headed off towards our first stop at La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve, it was nice and clear but quite a fresh breeze bringing the temperature down.

After a quick stop for photos and to use the restroom, we continued on to San Gregorio general store.

The next stop was at Camerons Pub in Half Moon Bay for lunch, we got split up as there was an accident in the other direction which happened right in front of some of our members. Luckily none of our members were involved but a couple did have to make evasive maneuvers to avoid being caught up into the accident. Several members stayed at the scene of the accident until emergency services arrived.

This served as a reminder that we are all vulnerable, especially when you are in a convertible and a pickup is heading towards you having been hit from behind. 

After this incident, we regrouped at Camerons and had lunch, before heading off home.

Drive Leader: Gary