Annual Picnic

BAMA members and friends gathered for our annual picnic on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at Huddart Park, Woodside, CA.

Thirty-five (35) attendees signed up for the picnic with 19 cars for the “Show and Shine” event. 

Attendees were asked to bring a dish to share (chips, dips, veggies, salad, main/side/dessert or cakes) and items they wished to grill on the BBQ.  We had sodas, water and other drinks to share as well.

This year is the 30thanniversary of the Miata, so the trees were adorned with spinners, streamers and gold and black 30’s. A few attendees played a corn hole game while others traded stories about their cars, various drives and adventures while feasting on shared picnic delights.

We welcomed three new members, one couple signing up the night before the picnic!  The weather cooperated this year, it was warm and the sky was a beautiful blue.  

This year’s BAMA 2019 Miata ‘Show and Shine’ car show was judged by votes from those attending the event.

All took the opportunity to show off their Miata, at its best, with various categories offering chances to win trophies for Best in Show, Best Unmodified, Best Modified, Best NA, Best NB, Best NC and Best RF. Photos of the winners are attached to this article. 

We were treated to Egg-stra special goodies donated by Mazda thanks to our BAMA President, Gary and our Event Coordinator, Wendy, for contacting them. All were delighted with the SWAG and it is all truly appreciated. 

Scott was the winner of the “Guess the number of candies in the jar” contest. He won the jar of candy (Hershey kisses) and special Mazda donated goodie bag full of Mazda SWAG.  

Special thanks to Joy R. for ordering the trophies for the Show and Shine.  Thanks to Wendy, our event coordinator, for another special event. Thanks to Paula G. for coming early to help set up and bringing the table covers and BBQ paraphernalia. 

Thanks to all who attended and provided fellowship, food, delightful conversation and having a really great time.  

Best NA, Best Unmodified

Best NB

Best NC

Best ND

Best RF

Best Modified

Best of Show