Harris Ranch


We had 13 people with iron backsides face the 300 mile drive. 

After a fuel up of the Miatas and ourselves in Gilroy we headed east on Hwy 152 past the Garlic processing plant.

After a couple turns we dropped into Hollister via San Felipe Road to Hwy 25. We had a quick but needed nature stop at the Paicinas County Store where a few of us purchased some delicious homemade Tomatillo hot sauce.

From there we continued south on Hwy 25 past the Pinacles National Park and then took a left at Hwy 198. 

Both of these highways provided beautiful views, a rather large snake in the road, and great twisty curves without traffic.

We rolled through down town Collinga and could start to smell something slightly offensive at first. But then realized Mr. Harris of Harris Ranch would say that the odor we found foul smelled like money to him because it was the stock yards of Harris Ranch and our lunch destination. 


Luckily the restaurant was not down wind of the yards, instead we our olfactory sensors were welcomed with Tri-tip BBQ’ing over a wood fire.  Needless so say, we enjoyed our carnivorous lunch at Harris Ranch.  After stuffing ourselves we waddled back to the Miatas and began our journey home.

Back through Collinga and west on Hwy 198. This time we passed by Hwy 25 and continued on 198 into King City for a nature & beverage stop. From King City we meandered along the east and west foothills of the Salinas Valley until we reached Aromas and Hwy 101. Then it was back to reality, goodby to the twisty good times, and a pillow of ice for our backsides.

Roll-on iron butts, roll-on.