Use this guide when organizing a drive. Please provide as much information as possible, i.e., which roads you intend to take, etc. If possible, include a link to Google maps of the drive route.


When planning your drive, please allow for comfort breaks. Ideally stops need to include a public restroom.


We love to eat and enjoy finding new lunch spots. 

  • Option 1: Select a restaurant, and call to check if they can accommodate a large group. Ask if tables can be reserved. Do they accept credit cards or require cash only for payment?

  • Option 2: Have a picnic. Find a nice outdoor spot where we can park and gather to eat and socialize. Ask participants to bring their own lunch and refreshments.

Space limits/fees

Is there a limit on how many can attend an event?  Are entrance fees required? If so, please provide details. This will allow us to inform participants in advance.


Please include a Google map link of the drive if possible. Because we have drivers from all areas, we are trying to establish three main meeting points for future drives. Please consider using one of the following meeting points that we have previously used. 

If none of the above work, then please suggest another meeting point.